2020 – “People with Parkinson's should keep on doing what they love”

There are some who believe that their story ends with a Parkinson’s diagnosis. That it becomes their whole story to tell. We are here to show those people and everyone else that this disease should not define them. We’re here to show who people with Parkinson’s really are and what they are capable of.

2019 - "Raise the Voice for Parkinson's!"

Voice changes are one of the many symptoms that over time can affect people with Parkinson's illness. This illness has namely been associated with motor symptoms, but to broaden one’s knowledge on the challenges these patients have to face regularly means improving their support. Make everyone listen. Give Parkinson's a voice.

2018 - "There's no right rhythm for life"

All around the world, millions of People with Parkinson's may need an extra couple of minutes to perform daily tasks, like reaching for the wallet and pay for groceries, using an ATM, crossing the street or getting to their seat on a bus.

2017 - "Me at my Best"

Imagine being unable to control your own body. In your mind, everything’s exactly like it was; but your brain seems to have forgotten how to tell your body to do every day tasks like tie the shoes or use a tooth brush.

date of preparation July 2021