Constipation (1)


A conversation with nutritionist Dr. Diana Miranda

Listen to the nutrition specialist Dr Diana Miranda takes us through the basics of constipation and Parkinson’s, its causes and best ways to prevent it. An episode that won’t hold back any facts.

Roasted vegetables

A sweet melody of vibrant aromas expects you! Simplicity, flavour, colour, trend and swiftness, if you never thought all of these adjectives could be mixed to create an unforgettable meal, think again. Bon Appetit!

Walnut and pumpkin smoothie

Get ready for a smooth. Chilly evenings call for a comforting, nutritious and delicious treat. Grab a glass, your hat and relax. Ahhhhhhhh!

Lentil salad

Pulses, beautiful pulses. These wonderfully tanned beads are packed with flavour and nutritive fibre, which does wonders for your gut.

Pink Purée

Enjoy this Chickpeas, beetroot and saffron purée.

These recipes were created by Chef Fábio Bernardino

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